Jamie Leask


I am a Full Stack web developer

A few lines of python code for a simple stop watch app was all it took to reel me into the developer world..The feeling of producing useful working code is both extremely invigorating and addicting to me.


Recently I joined a full stack coding bootcamp. A vigorous program that both fulfills my hunger to learn and challenges me everyday. The combination of a visually stimulating and usable UI mixed with a powerful and elegant backend is a symphony to behold and one I plan to for as long as I can...


I am of the mind set to both learn: from the many incredibly gifted and intelligent people that litter this community and to teach: pass along and give others any information that I can to help them progress, and thus help progress our fields ecosystem



Lets make something great

Available for part-time and full-time employment

Join me!

Email: rjamie.leask@gmail.com

Phone: 603-547-0776